Your NFL Strike Update: Going legal on your ass (Rich vs. Rich–Day 24)

Drew Brees/Courtesy: Tomorrow is the day, and at the risk of blowing up our potential preview story tomorrow morning, we decided today might be a good day to explain the legal issues about the face Federal Judge Susan Nelson’s court in Minneapolis come tomorrow (Wednesday). Not that we totally understand them, but we are ..

Sam Huff fires another salvo at Drew Brees

Pro Football Hall of Famer Sam Huff has ripped Saints quarterback Drew Brees once again, this time penning a brief essay in which he writes that “Drew Brees is just trying to get to where I have been.” To review, Huff has hated Brees since 2009, when Brees said that it’s not the responsibility of…

Saints: Texas A&M DL Frank Kearse Next Draft Gem?

source According to a league source with knowledge of the situation, Frank Kearse is drawing a lot of interest from several teams including the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are always looking for ways to improve the offensive or defensive sides of the ball, they never overlook any potential draftee. They have found players in schools that most ..

The Shutdown Corner Mock: Stockwatch Edition, #17-32 (Yahoo! Sports)

With less than four weeks left to the first round of the NFL draft, people are starting to establish definitive statements when it comes to prospects — whether they have validity or not. Cam Newton either is or isn't an … Continue reading →

Drew Brees: Labor fight isn’t about players like me

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is both a member of the NFLPA* Executive Committee and a named plaintiff in the players’ lawsuit against the NFL. But Brees says he isn’t fighting for himself. Instead, he says he’s fighting now to make things better for the next generation of players. And, contrary to what Sam Huff may…