Coaches and Super Bowl Wins

It’s coach-hiring season in the NFL, and with it comes the annual hand-wringing over whether teams should hire an up-and-coming coordinator (like the Saints did with Sean Payton a few years ago) or a (Read more…) with a proven track record (like they did with Ditka a few years before that). I don’t have a ..

Fan take: 2011 Pro Bowl roster starters as they should look (Associated Content)

The 2011 Pro Bowl roster starters selected here are the players that most deserved the selection. These 2011 Pro Bowl starters might not be the most obvious choices either, but they are all players th (Read more…) deserve a shot to start the NFL All-Star Game. Keep in mind that these Pro Bowl roster selections ..

The top five greatest NFL Playoff games in history (Associated Content)

NFL playoff games While the Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event in America, true football fans like me look forward to NFL playoff games with just as much anticipation. With six teams per co (Read more…) the NFL playoffs are more inclusive than MLB, yet more selective than the watered down NBA and ..

New Orleans Saints license tags selling well, officials say

BATON ROUGE — The 2010 football season did not end the way many Saints fans had hoped, but about 6,400 members of the Who Dat Nation have gotten New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV&nb (Read more…) tags, officials say. The Times-Picayune/Ted JacksonJeannetta Sly and…

The five worst letdowns in Super Bowl history (Associated Content)

Super Bowl letdowns As the most significant sporting event in America, both teams and fans alike often enter the Super Bowl with lofty expectations only to experience a letdown four hours later. Somet (Read more…) a scenario can develop during the game that leaves fans let down at the conclusion. And once, a team's Super ..