Saints 23 @ Jaguars 10: A Review of HansDat’s Hot Reads

One game into the three-game road trip, and the Saints are 1-0 on it. Yeah! It’s always good on a road trip when you haven’t yet gotten lost and had to ask for directions. Here’s hoping they don’t ever have to pull over. Let’s take a ride across the jump to see how my Hot ..

Archbishop Philip Hannan also enjoyed the religion of sports

When he passed away last week at 98, I’m guessing Archbishop Philip Hannan had to be the oldest survivor of a fan club that rooted for Walter Johnson, the Hall of Fame pitcher, and forever legend, of the long-ago&#8230

Airing it out is no passing fancy in NFL

If you’re looking for someone to whine about the call on Stevie Johnson, forget it. Officials are fallible. They missed the call. The review system, which requires so-called “conclusive” evidence, isn’t perfect, either. Deal with it. As Chan Gailey said, “you’ve got to be strong enough, and good enough, to overcome that,” and his team ..

Mercedes-Benz purchases naming rights for Superdome

The home of the New Orleans Saints will have a new name. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome will now be home to the NFL club after the German automaker agreed to a deal on Tuesday. Financial terms were not disclosed. The NFL team holds authority to use naming rights to the state-owned stadium through its lease, which ..

Louisiana Superdome gets a new name

The Louisiana Superdome will now be known as the “Mercedes-Benz Superdome” for the next 10 years.  The Superdome is the home of the New Orleans Saints football team. The owner of the New Orleans Saints Tom Benson, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Ernst Leib the president and CEO of Mercedes Benz USA formally announced the ..