The top five greatest Super Bowls in NFL history (Associated Content)

The Super Bowl Football has always been my favorite sport. Growing up in New Orleans, I used to watch the Super Bowl with mixed emotions because the Saints were always eliminated long before the big g (Read more…). But now that the Saints have also won the Lombardi Trophy, it is easier for me to ..

The best individual performances in Super Bowl history (Associated Content)

Super Bowl individual performances The game of football is the consummate team sport. Goalies and pitchers make a disproportionate difference in hockey and baseball, respectively. But it takes 22 diff (Read more…) starters to make a football team successful. Still, outstanding individual performances often take place in the NFL. In fact, as a lifelong football ..

Sean Payton said overall the New Orleans Saints had a good season: video

One of the things the New Orleans Saints did do this season was break the Super Bowl jinx that has hampered several teams in the past few seasons. The fact that they won 11 games and made the p (Read more…) broke a trend. Coach Sean Payton addressed that on Monday

Thanks for everything, Saints: An editorial

Saints fans were shocked last year when fewer than a dozen Colts fans met their team at the Indianapolis airport after Super Bowl XLIV. David Grunfeld/The Times-PicayuneNew Orleans Saints quart (Read more…) Drew Brees and the rest of the team gave fans…