Saints Nation: Scouting the Bills

I had the rare opportunity to watch the Saints’ opponent fairly closely this week with the team being on a bye week. After watching the Bills it seems pretty clear to me what that football team’s identity is: they run the ball and they rush the passer…

Week 7 Judgements (The SportsXchange)

Owner Jim Irsay wasn’t the biggest winner in the Indianapolis Colts’ upset of the undefeated Denver and Peyton Manning on Sunday night. The NFL was

Attention Romo haters: Tony Romo has passed Joe Namath and bettered Marino, Brees, Manning, and Warner

Looking for the best Dallas Cowboys blog? Look no further. You found it. Congratulations! Silver and BlueBlood – The Essential Dallas Cowboys Blog | Totally Biased * Highly Opinionated * UnapologeticRomo haters we call them, and they are a dime a dozen. They are comprised of both Cowboys fans and Cowboys haters. The deride Tony Romo, calling him a choke artist and (wrongly) insisting that he “always” melts down at the worst possible time.
Never mind that in 100 starts (Sunday’s victory over the new-look Philadelphia Eagles was number 100). the undrafted free agent out of Northern Illinois has already surpassed Cowboys legends Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman in the record books on a number of fronts and, as Jean-Jacques Taylor points out…
By the time he retires, Romo will own virtually every notable passing record in franchise history. His career passer rating is 96.4, fourth-best in NFL history.
Only Staubach (114) and Aikman (165) have more starts at QB in a Cowboys uniform than Ton..