Ranking the first 10 Super Bowls of the millennium (part II) (Associated Content)

#5 – Super Bowl XLIV – Saints 31, Colts 17 Four-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans finally had something to cheer about. It also found itself in an unusual position. Hav (Read more…) previously hosted nine Super Bowls, 2010 marked the first time that the New Orleans Saints had finally found ..

Game-Balls: Bucs 23 Saints 13

Josh Freeman is 2-0 at the Superdome. Well, this is the final edition of game-balls for the 2010 season (first edition in the year 2011). The Bucs wrapped up their surprising 10-6 season with a win in (Read more…)New Orleans over the Saints. There were plenty of big plays and lots of guys were worth ..

Saints at Seahawks Preview and Pick

This years Saints are not the Saints from last year. To be more specific this years Drew Brees is not the Brees from last year his interceptions are up from 11 last year to 22 this year, and has not (Read more…) very impressive in the last two games of the season. Having said all ..