Free-agent S Sharper may opt to retire if no season

Veteran free-agent safety Darren Sharper admitted that he’ll consider retirement if the current NFL work stoppage eliminates the entire 2011 season. “If there’s no football in the fall, I’ll have to start looking at other options – maybe some television, or whatever,” the 35-year-old Sharper said. Sharper was a huge part of the opportunistic defense ..

Saints Darren Sharper Pondering Retirement

Allow me a moment to compose myself…this is bit devastating…for my sole purposes only…but I know a few other ladies feel my pain. Saints Darrren Sharper completed his 15th season in 2010 and with the lockout still looming the safety is considering retirement. I know, he’s 35, a five-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl ..

2011 Lockout “Season” Will Be Better For New Orleans Saints Then Others

Saints QB Drew Brees (Source: It’s a crisp summer morning, and the sun hasn’t come up high enough to begin it’s torching of the city.  It’s completely empty in the streetcar, save for a few late-night party-goers who are now making the return trip as zombies.  As we approached the Louisiana intersection, I recognize ..

Cowboys, Rams, Texans don’t support NFLCA brief (Yahoo! Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams and Houston Texans have joined the growing list of teams whose coaching staffs have distanced themselves from the brief the NFL Coaches Association filed with the 8th U.S. Circuit of Appeals last week in support of the players

New Orleans Saints: Will We Ever See Another “Dome Patrol”?

The Dome Patrol (Source: If you are a long time New Orleans Saints fan and the “The Dome Patrol” is mentioned, feelings of nostalgia begin to wash over you.  Much like memories of the first day of school, Christmas morning, and birthday parties that we desperately hold onto and want to experience again. … [visit site to ..