Reggie Bush Gets Golf Lesson From Rickie Fowler

No one can tackle me when I golf T…Reggie Bush might be preparing for a post football career…Remember, the average lifespan for an NFL player is like three years…Here’s a pic of Reggie Bush and Rickie Fowler after Reggie got a golf lesson…The two practiced at the River Golf Club in Augusta…Reggie and Rickie are ..

The Sunday Weekly Recap: Top New Orleans Saints News

Clipped from: (share this clip) Breakdown: Last year rumors began to surface pre-draft as well as during the draft that the Saints were interested in making a trade for Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.The details were never clear or substantiated for that matter, although it was later revealed New Orleans attempted a trade ..

Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, April 3

Today’s edition of Fleur-de-Links features an in-depth look at Tulane’s Gabe Feldman (NFL Labor expert) by James Varney, a re-examination of the 2006 draft by Jeff Duncan, and Mike Triplett’s analysis of the free agent situation in light of a possible ruling on Wednesday. You also have tweets galore (with some more NFL scouting terminology), ..

NFL Draft Scouting Lingo: What Do Those Phrases Mean?

In collecting story links for today’s Fleur-De-Links, I came across an interesting piece on the MSN Fox Sports NFL page. In it, Adam Caplan breaks down some of the specific and sometimes colorful scouting phrases that are thrown around in the ongoing player evaluation and NFL draft processes. Given that we are in the thick of these processes in ..