The Future is Now for Martez Wilson

Rookie Martez Wilson is expected to compete with Jo-Lann Dunbar for the starting strong side linebacker position, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. “He’s the first guy we’ve had in here that really fits the profile of a Scott Fujita,” Saints defense coordinator Gregg Williams said. “When Martez earns the right to get on the field, ..

A Look At New Orleans Saints Secondary: Roman Harper

New Orleans Saints Safety Roman Harper(Picture courtesy of “The Neck”.  No it’s not a new Batman villain or a member of Tony Soprano’s mob crew.  It’s the nickname bestowed upon New Orleans Saints Safety Roman Harper because of the huge trap muscles in his neck.  Harper has also become known for other things in his ..

Saints Players Will Welcome Lottery-Winning Fans To Practice With Them

Players for the Saints are raffling off a chance for four fans to participate in a Player-organized workout next week. Saints QB Drew Brees and LB Jonathan Vilma are spearheading the movement, which will benefit charities in Louisiana. Tickets are $2 each, but there is a minimum purchase of $10. The deadline to but Tickets ..

What’s next in NFL labor standoff? (Yahoo! Sports)

The overriding question of the day following the decision Monday by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to keep a stay in place pending resolution of the June 3 hearing in the case is: What happens next? With that comes the knowledge that the players were dealt a defeat, more in…

1nsepara6le by Mark Bradley

My good friend and NFL player, Mark Bradley, has recently released a book,1nsepara6le. None of you were aware of the “unusual” circumstances and challenges he faced within the walls of his own family. The tragic state of affairs this young man had to tangle with daily might not be that uncommon, but the people that ..