Saints can expose Falcons vulnerabilities

The Saints can beat the Atlanta Falcons. The vulnerabilities of Atlanta, per Hall of Fame candidate Deion Sanders, lie in its secondary. Remember, Brees started to expose this fact in the 4th quarter of the early season match-up with Atlanta in the Superdome. Now, as New Orleans offense seems to be getting “its groove back”, ..

2010 Patriots resemble Super Bowl Champs Saints

This is an interesting article from a Patriots sports writer, Eric Frenz, on Bleacher Report. I guess he is attempting to give Patriots fans some hope for the Super Bowl. Take a look: The New Orleans Saints marched into Super Bowl XLIV, and the New England Patriots’ 60-minute men look poised to do the same ..

Cowboys Receiver Roy Williams Accepts Responsibility for Loss to Saints

During the Cowboys’ 30-27 loss to the Saints on Thanksgiving, Dallas wide receiver Roy Williams had his best game this season since Jon Kitna took over at quarterback for the injured Tony Romo. The former Detroit Lion caught five passes for 83 yards..

NFC South Roundup: Week 12

Since the Saints played on Thursday afternoon, and their 30-27 win over the Dallas Cowboys has been well-documented, the team got some extra time off this week, and got to spend their Saturdays at home watching their NFC South rivals playing various op..

Saints have a shot at NFC Supremacy again in 2010

The New Orleans Saints are in a position to win the NFC South and possibly home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  How so?  Didn’t the Packers just lose to the Falcons.  Yes.  That’s great news for the Saints.  It is also evidence that the Packers are not as elite as most believe they are in the ..

LT Penn drawing deserved attention

TAMPA – It took the novelty of a touchdown pass to Donald Penn
last week for the

Bucs’ left tackle to finally receive
national attention.

But the rest of the NFL has known for some time that Penn is a
premier offensive lineman.

That’s why the


The big ‘ifs’

As the 8-2

Falcons host the 7-3 Green Bay
Packers in a game with playoff ramifications, what if …

1Fans are not tardy for the party: While everyone was breaking
down their tables at the fabulous tailgate parties, the

Falcons got jumped on by Sa..