New Orleans Saints 25 @ San Francisco 49ers 22: Who Dat Say?!?!


Holy Cow! It could be…it might be…it is!!  Saints win! Saints win!  Saints win on Hartley’s partially blocked knuckleball FG as time expires.  The Week 2 victory provides us with much to process, dissect, analyze, and discu..

Brees marches Saints to 25-22 victory over 49ers (AP)

For nearly 59 minutes, coach Mike Singletary's bold proclamation that San Francisco would stop Drew Brees and the high-powered New Orleans Saints looked prophetic. Then with one late drive worthy of the Super Bowl champions, Brees eked out another ..

Falcons review

The game that was
Falcons rediscovered their rushing
attack and took advantage of an undisciplined Cardinals team in
their 41-7 victory. On the first play from scrimmage, they ran
behind left guard Justin Blalock, who drove rookie linebacker D..

Saints offer shot at redemption – or a rout;49ERS

49ers showed how bad they can be in
the season opener, where they found their basement’s floor in a
31-6 loss at Seattle.
It’s now time to see how good they really are, with the
defending Super Bowl champion Saints providing the ceiling in