Reggie Bush Gets Emotional On Twitter

Last night the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired. For days rumors were buzzing about Kim puting her ex Reggie Bush on blast. Above, one of Reggie’s #subtweets to Kim after the finale aired. ::Ouch:: Somebody’s feelings are hu..

Browns Baffle Saints for a Big Win in New Orleans

In the Browns’ 30-17 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the team took most of those “never thought I’d see that” moments and rolled them all up into one afternoon. A throwback on a punt return, a punter running 68 yards on a fake punt, ..

Bowens of Browns leads NFL interception party (AP)

One week it's big hits, the next it's big picks. Nine interceptions were returned for touchdowns Sunday, the most since 2003, when 10 were run back for scores. Linebacker David Bowens led the way with two in the Cleveland Browns' 30-17 win ..