Sean Payton on effort every week

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said that teams have to overcome games when things aren’t going as well…

Can’t We All Just Not Implode

Following the Saints 30-17 beatdown versus the Browns, you’d think the only thing coaches and players would have to talk about this week is how they’re going to right this sinking ship. Instead, they’re hitting each other with the life jackets. ..

Saints News Links – Tuesday

SAINTS NEWS LINKS • Chain gang crew member recovering from collision with Saints player Courtney Roby – New Orleans Times-Picayune • Brees: Nothing wrong with Saints’ effort – Biloxi Sun Herald • When the New Orleans Saints play Dallas on Thanksgiving, Tony Romo will be out – New Orleans Times-Picayune • Pierre Thomas says he’s working to get back ..

Yes, The Saints Really Did Lose at Home to the Browns

I saw this act before, it only happened two weeks ago in Arizona.
Last week the Saints looked like the Saints of last year. They moved the ball against Tampa Bay, they played solid defense, they found big plays, and they ran the ball just like other re..