Saints Owner Tom Benson to Pope: “That’s Not a Ring…Now That’s a Ring!”

Alright, Saints owner Tom Benson probably didn’t say that to Pope Benedict XVI when he met his Popeness at St. Peter’s Square during Holy Week.  But how cool would it have been if he did, Crocodile Dundee Aussie accent and all? From… Benson was wearing his championship ring from the Saints 2009 Super Bowl ..

New Orleans Saints: TV Revenue Stall, Defensive Line And Pope Benedict XVI

Saints DT Sedrick Ellis (Source: First there was the ruling by Judge Susan Nelson last month that award the NFL players a temporary injunction to effectively block the lockout, for roughly 48 hours. Next the NFL appealed the decision to the 8th Circuit Court, who in turn awarded the NFL a temporary stay to ..

Is it Time to Let Bush Play Elsewhere?

For the money he’s making and the amount of time he spends on the field, many Saints fans feel it’s time to let running back Reggie Bush ply his trade somewhere else in the NFL. And you can’t blame them really, considering his stats. The 26-year-old Bush is under contract for another season and is ..

Should the Saints use Reggie Bush on kickoff returns?: Saints Mailbag

Time to empty out some leftover questions from the Saints Mailbag. Since it’s a slow time, now would be a good time to submit any lingering questions from the offseason. To do so, send them to And don’t forget… Category: Product #: Regular price:$ (Sale ends !) Available from: Condition: Good ! Order now! ..

Pope Benedict XVI Checks Out Saints Superbowl Ring

The New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson recently attended a papal audience at St. Peter’s Square during Holy Week. Benson followed custom by kissing Pope Benedict XVI’s famous Fisherman’s Ring, and in return Benson showed the pope a slightly larger ring; his 2009 Saints’ Superbowl ring.“I said to him I’d like to show you my ..

Losses In 2010 That Changed The Course Of The Draft For The New Orleans Saints

Feeling the Loss (source The New Orleans Saints had a few games in 2010 that could have changed the scene completely in the 2011 draft. The games in question are games that should have went differently than they did of course, other wise this article would be for nothing.. The saints had a chance ..