Saints QB Drew Brees Covers Men’s Health Magazine

…and he wants us to know that winning the Super Bowl hasn’t removed the chip from his shoulder. Returning to the championship won’t be easy though…the Saints have a bulls-eye on their backs. The 49ers gave them hell last night and the normally ..

This Week in Terrible Fantasy Beats

In order to be tuning in to see what turned out to be a very entertaining second half last night you had to be at least 1 of three things: 1. Gambling on the game (Saints -6), 2. An enormous football fan or 3. Had vested interest because of your ..

Saints’ Bush reportedly has fibula fracture

While the good news from Monday night was that the Saints pulled out a hard-earned win over a feisty 49ers team, some sobering news came with the good.
After Reggie Bush was helped off the field and carted to the locker room following the pile up on hi..