NFL NOTES;Dual purposes;Evans sees wisdom in Pats-Saints practices

Having played four seasons under Bill Belichick in Foxboro,
where information is more closely guarded than paintings at the
Louvre, the idea of joint practice sessions between the
Patriots and New Orleans Saints did
not initially compute with Saints fullback Heath Evans.
He couldn’t fathom those two teams sharing a practice field
together, running through plays, and perhaps, scrimmaging and
showing their hands.
It was so un-Patriot-like.
“At first, I was a little skeptical. I was just always of the
Belichick mind-set, you keep everything in-house,” Evans said of
the cooperative practices that have been set up prior to the
Pats-Saints preseason opener Aug. 12 at Gillette. “Why would you
want to expose any of your secrets? Why would you want to show an
opponent anything you do? Why would you want anyone a little more
familiar with how you’re trying to do things? Bill never did that
when I was there.”

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