Cleveland Browns Shock New Orleans Saints in Week 2

The Cleveland Browns beat the New Orleans Saints, 26-24, in Week 2 of the 2014 NFL regular season.It was Browns head coach Mike Pettine’s first win. Cleveland beat a Super Bowl contender without the… Click to read the original Saints article by buzz: new orleans saints.

Saints Loss to Browns Should Change Fan Perspective (CSC)

<img alt=”” src=”” /> <p>Don’t believe the hype. </p> <p>Not the start we were hoping to see from our beloved <a target=”_blank” class=”sbn-auto-link” href=””>Saints</a>. That goes without saying. I mean, I just said it, but I didn’t have to.</p> <p>Because you know this sucks. Losing to the <a target=”_blank” class=”sbn-auto-link” href=””>Falcons</a> was one thing. They’re ..