The legend of Randall Cobb grows on ESPN today

NFL fans are findng out what Kentucky fans have known for a while. Randall Cobb is amazing. On the hells of his 2 TD performance against the New Orleans Saints, Cobb will be appearing on ESPN’s Sportscenter at 12:30PM today. Prepare to get mesmerized by those eyes, America. Keep following for the best in ..

Fans gather before Packers, Saints game to remember Maroon 5

GREEN BAY, WI—Prior to last night’s NFL season opener between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints, fans from both teams assembled outside of Lambeau Field for a special concert to remember the band Maroon 5. “Oh yeah,” exclaimed the crowd, “Maroon 5. Totally forgot about those guys.” Despite the band’s recent hit, ..

VIDEO: Packers S Charles Woodson cheap shots David Thomas

In last night’s exciting New Orleans-Green Bay 2011 NFL opener, there were plenty of highlight moments. One moment which was less highlight-worthy– and for some reason, was quickly glossed over– was Packers S Charles Woodson’s cheap shot to Saints TE David Thomas during the first half. There is no doubt at all that Woodson hit ..

Packers Video: Game-Winning Goal Line Stand vs. Saints

Incredibly, it all came down to this. The Saints on the goal line, Zero seconds on the clock, thanks to that horrible pass interference call on AJ Hawk in the end zone. They have one play to score and then try for a two-point conversion to send the game into overtime. The Saints try to ..