Reports: Brett Favre tells Minnesota Vikings he will retire – ESPN

Reports: Brett Favre tells Minnesota Vikings he will retire – ESPN
Brett Favre has informed his Vikings teammates that he will not return for another season in Minnesota, the Star-Tribune reported Tuesday. Favre has sent text messages to teammates..

The Difference Maker

Last year, about this time, Jim Henderson and I both went public with the shocking news that the Saints were going to win the Super Bowl. I’m not sure what made Jim think so, but I’d almost bet the house that he had the same reason I did: Gregg Willi..

"I’ll take ‘Things You Never Get Tired of Watching’ for $100."

Should have done this weeks ago. Now that things are finally starting to happen–and actually, it’s looking damn good so far–y’all might not have time to bother with these classics from a bygone era. Things like Tracy Porter’s game-clinching pick in..

Saints Training Camp Day 3 – Afternoon Delight

Here I am, getting ready for bed (5:00 am alarm comes awfully early), and now all the stories that are fit to print from the Saints’ afternoon practice on this glorious Sunday are FINALLY showing up.  I’ve put in what I could find quickly before..

Saints Training Camp Day 2 Links

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Chuck Cook – AP

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey drops a pass on the second day of traini..