Jets Bag Brunell

Jets Bag Brunell

Jets finally sign M. Brunell as their backup QB

Saints Sign Patrick Ramsey and Jimmy Graham

Looks like another busy day for the Saints front office today, as they agreed to terms with veteran quarterback Patrick Ramsey, formerly of the awesome Tulane Green Wave. As a fellow alum, I’m happy to see Ramsey return to New Orleans. 

Forecast Radio Podcast is Back! 8pm Thursday!

Forecast Radio Podcast is Back! 8pm Thursday!
It must be close to football season because Ralph, Kevin and myself are ready to return to the airwaves! Don’t miss our training camp preview episode and first show of the 2010 regular season! So tune..

CSC All-Time Saints Team Elections: Running Back

Ready to make it official? Time to select our CSC all-time Saints running back. In case you missed out on the nomination post, click right here. Based on your discussions yesterday I have decided to remove Tony Galbreath from the ballot because he was already included as a fullback. I have, however, replaced him by adding Reuben Mayes. 

The polls are officially open and will remain so for exactly 48 hours which means they will close at 6am on Friday, July 30th. You only get one vote so make it count. You can make a difference. If you’ve never voted in a CSC poll to date, now is the perfect time to start. Be sure to tell everyone you know to come on over and vote as well.

As always, the comment section is open for more discussion about these great players and the way things used to be.

Who should be selected as running back for the CSC All-Time Saints team?
Deuce McAllister
439 votes

Dalton Hilliard
96 votes

George Rogers
14 votes

Chuck Muncie
12 votes

Rueben Mayes
6 votes

567 votes

| Poll has closed

Forecast: Brave New World

Forecast: Brave New World
The Saints are about to start camp so I’m back for another football season. Here are my thoughts on training camp, defending the crown, the upcoming White House visit, Ricky going to Canton, and the best part about the Sa..

CSC All-Time Saints Team Nominations: Running Back

Ladies and gentleman, the moment I am sure many of you have been waiting for has arrived. We are now ready to begin the selection process and choose the running back for our CSC all-time Saints team. This may not be as hot a topic as all-time Saints ..