Safety a concern for the Saints

If it weren’t for the sticky labor situation the NFL is currently involved in with its players, the New Orleans Saints probably wouldn’t have to worry about the safety position in the upcoming draft

Mickey Loomis Making a Huge Name for Himself

Do you remember when Mickey Loomis was first hired to become the general manager of the Saints? I sure do. His predecessor, Randy Mueller, was widely respected as an elite NFL mind and he immediately gained the approval of all Saints fans when under his umbrella the Saints were able to transform themselves from a ..

NFL teams preferring to focus on the inside regarding personnel

The NFL is a game of constant evolution. The Associated PressDetroit’s Ndamukong Suh is part of the new breed of interior defensive linemen. An offensive trend is countered by a defensive adjustment, which in turn is offset by an offensive&#8230

Hargrovea s impact bigger off field

Published: Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 9:17 p.m. Last Modified: Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 9:17 p.m. When his job demanded sacking quarterbacks and not preaching to a room of saucer-eyed youths on the perils of being like him, Anthony Hargrove used a variety of techniques

Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, April 16

If April had 32 days, we’d be at the midpoint of it. Since it doesn’t, let’s just call it early in the second half of April. After kicking off to the opponent, our D held them to a quick Three and Out, and now Drew Brees is trotting out on the field to begin our ..

Cracking The Myth of the ‘Safe’ Draft Pick

This week, John Clayton jumped off from Bill Parcells expressing some regret about choosing Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008, posting a column on dealing with the idea of making “safe” picks in the draft. Bill Parcells’ recent statement that he may have missed the mark by not taking quarterback Matt Ryan in 2008 (when ..

2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Philadelphia Eagles Select…

With the twenty-second pick of the 2011 CSC Community Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles (represented by DeuceisLoose926) select… Nate Solder, OT, Colorado This was a tough selection for me, being that I watch the Eagles most every game of the season and know the ways of Andy Reid’s waistline.  The Eagles could go a number of different ways with ..