No NFL salary cap, but no spending spree, either (AP)

Unrestricted by a salary cap this season, NFL teams resisted the temptation to break the bank on player salaries. With labor strife looming, some even took advantage of a lesser-known aspect of an uncapped season: the elimination of the salary floor. T..

Candid Cam: Raiders, 49ers won’t beat odds

The Raiders and

49ers have the least chances of
winning in Week 13 than any other teams, according to a stat-driven
blog called “Advanced NFL Stats.” The Raiders have a 7-percent
chance to win at San Diego, the

49ers an 11-percent chance at Green

Kenny Powers Shows Up Jeremy Shockey

World-class athlete and fictitious television character Kenny Powers has teamed up with K-Swiss to advocate the company’s overpromoted Tubes tennis shoes. Here he appears with New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey. This might be the most succe..