Saints More Likely As A Wildcard for Playoffs

With week 12 officially in the books, there’s still a lot of football left before we can start talking playoffs.  But with the NFC so tightly bunched together, there’s absolutely no room for error by the Saints now.  Just one more loss could ..

Did You Notice…New Orleans Saints @ Cincinnati Bengals

Did you notice the Saints got back to using receiver Robert Meachem as a deep threat which is not something they have done much this season.
Meachem was used almost exclusively on deep routes during the Saints Super Bowl season and was among tops in th..

NFL: Who Are the Top 10 QBS in the NFC?

I decided, it isn’t all about stats, when I look at who I think the top ten QBs in the NFC are.I think that would be too easy.It isn’t all about one’s popularity either. Talk about easy. No, I wanted to pick my top ten QBs on how he makes h..

Payton doesn’t see a trend in Saints’ blown leads (AP)

The New Orleans Saints seemingly were on their way to comfortable victories in each of their last two games, only to blow two-touchdown leads each time and find themselves frantically coming from behind in the final minutes. While coach Sean Payton wan..