Falcons Beat Ravens; Saints Still Looking Up In NFC South

Most of the Saints coaching staff and players were no doubt very interested in the outcome of the Falcons game against the Ravens last Thursday night, and while neither coach nor player would have ever admitted it everyone was hoping for a Ravens blo..

Steelers: Bad loss won’t start ’09-like collapse (AP)

The Steelers' 13-point loss to the Patriots felt much worse than that, if only because Tom Brady gave the rest of the NFL a blueprint for going after Pittsburgh's attack-style defense. Not since Bill Cowher's final season in 2006 were the S..

Black and Gold Looking Glass: Seattle Seahawks


Jabari Greer and the Saints secondary will look to cool down a hot Mike Williams, Seattle’s primary big-play threat (Source:Yardbarker.com)

After resting and recovering through their timely and much-needed bye week, the Saints will aim to p..