New Orleans Saints 20 @ Arizona Cardinals 30: The Morning After

I already vented my initial post-game frustrations yesterday immediately following the Saints loss to the Cardinals. So I will just give you the rest of my thoughts/feelings about yesterday’s debacle in bullet format and broken down by the ..

Lessons Learned from NFL Week 5 and Vikings-Jets Pick

What did we learn about the NFL this past weekend?
That we know nothing about everything.
There isn’t a great team in the NFC.  That’s for sure.  The Packers lost to a decent Redskins team.  The Saints lost to a freaking rookie quarterback.  Th..

Drew Brees Needs Your Help To Name His Baby

Some people use Twitter to expand their social media footprint, like Chad Ochocinco. Some folks use Twitter to tweet entertaining sports stories. And some people are on Twitter because they’re ridiculously sexy, like Joanna Angel. But for New Orleans..