Max Hall leads Cardinals past Saints

With some luck and a lot of help from his defense, Max Hall’s NFL
debut as a starting quarterback was a winner, against the reigning
Super Bowl champions no less

Saints Lose a Heartbreaker to Cardinals 30-20

In a game in which many had already counted in favor of the Saints, the black and gold come up short out west in the desert. For the fifth game in a row, Saints fans are left scratching their heads and wondering what has happened to the Saints offense…

Live Post-Game Radio Show at 6:30pm Central!!

Live Post-Game Radio Show at 6:30pm Central!!
This was a tough one. Click the link and listen to our post-game wrap up starting very shortly. Call in to vent your frustrations at (347) 215-8037

New Orleans Saints 20 @ Arizona Cardinals 30: Sound the Alarms

You see? This is exactly why I was so hard on the Saints these past few weeks and so disappointed with their play, despite the fact they were winning their games. This is exactly why I was worried.
Even though the Saints were able to narrowly av..