Saints scrap out 14-9 win over Vikings

In a game that included the Saints missing two field goals, dropping several passes, and having a largely ineffective running game, the defending Super Bowl Champions were still able to scrape out a win against the Vikings in the NFL’s opening game.

Post-Game Podcast Starts at 11:00 PM Central!!

Post-Game Podcast Starts at 11:00 PM Central!!
Click on the above title to hear Ralph, Dave and Kevin break down our big opening win against the Vikings. Call (347) 215-8037 to get on the air with your own questions and observations.

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Top 12 Ad Questions from Saints-Vikings

12) What drugs were involved in the Subway ad brainstorm when they decided to go with butch motorcycle riders?

11) Is one of the side effects of Cialis flooding and a sudden need to bathe in matching tubs?

10) What on earth has to happen for studios ..