On Reggie Bush, Opinions Are Like Kim Kardashian

Delightful piece of journalism by PEOPLE magazine last week, as everyone’s fave brain candy dispenser polled Kim Kardashian on USC’s decision to throw the Trojan belongings of her ex-beau Reggie Bush onto the 110 Freeway.

“Reggie worked hard for..

Saints in the social media scene

One of the best parts of the recent explosion of social media is that it allows regular, everyday people to get an inside look on the comings and goings of different musicians, athletes, and musicians.
Fortunately for members of the Who Dat Nation, th..

Opinion: Future Saints Season Tickets Should Feature Fans

The first Saints home game is still almost a month away so tickets have not yet been mailed to season ticket holders such as myself. Anyone who’s ever had the good fortune of owning season tickets to any team will know that nothing matches the excite..