New Orleans Saints Are Big Winners At ESPY’s

The New Orleans Saints went marching in on Wednesday at the Espy Awards and walked away with the trophy for best sports team while quarterback Drew Brees was named best male athlete by fans of sports TV network ESPN. Brees led the Saints, long considered among the worst teams in U.S. professional football, to a ..

Shockey’s Night Out Inspires Delusions

Let it be known that if I had my choice of partying with any Saints player on the roster, excluding a butt naked Darren Sharper, I’d choose Jeremy Shockey every day of the week and thrice on Sunday!! Shockey is the ultimate party animal and he makes no apologies for it. Have you seen his latest post-bender antics on TMZ? It’s classic and fantastic blonde goodness with a gooey, greasy center.
I’d imagine my night out with Shockey would start with a little pre-gaming at the c..

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Win Dem ESPYS?

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and his wife Brittany arrive at the 2010 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Source:
At the ESPYS the New Orleans Saints extended their winning streak and their time in the national sports limelight. Historically, the Saints have been synonymous with losing and spent little time grabbing national headlines. Now, they are leading the NFL in jersey sales and taking home four ESPYS.
The Saints were nominated in six categories at the..

ESPN’s ESPY Awards 2010; Where Everything Went Right For New Orleans

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints took home 4 ESPY awards last night. The start to 2010 really could not have gone any better for NOLA. What could go wrong…

…they just can’t catch a break.
In all seriousness, if you have not watched the 60 Minutes piece from 2 months ago, it is a must see. Here is the link to part 1. In all of this people are forgetting that people lost there lives that night on the Deepwater Horizon.
Congrats to Drew Brees and the Saints. It was great..