Compiling a Briefcase of Hate for your 2010 Opponents – New Orleans Saints

The time is quickly approaching where the temperature will drop, your family time will be forgotten, and the dogs can stay inside all day Sunday. Yes, football is a mere (insert countdown clock here) days away! With the season fast approaching it is time to begin previewing the Minnesota Vikings 2010 opponents and assist fans in preparing their unnecessary venom, angst, ridicule, sarcastic and inappropriate comments, and terribly misguided ideas about the opposing team and their fans in a feature we are calling Compiling a Briefcase of Hate for your 2010 Opponents. Today, we look at the vile opening season opponents, the New Orleans Saints:

Opponent: The overrated, and nauseating franchise known as the New Orleans Saints, Louisiana’s professional footballing squad ever since their inception (LIKE THE MOVIE?!?!?!) in 1966. Since then, they did a whole lot of nothing, and then a hurricane happened, and then they won a Super Bowl. YAWN. That’s all you need to know about th..

Things That Make Me Go, "Hmmm…"

Just a few random musings to share on this Tuesday morning: 

I finally called my local cable provider and added the NFL Network to my current television package. Hard to believe I’m so late to the party given the fact I’ve been a hardcore ..