Saints Nation: Review of Sean Payton’s Book “Home Team”

I finally had a chance to finish Sean Payton’s book “Home Team”, and I’d recommend it to any Saints fan as a must read. While the book is not the best written I’ve ever seen, it seems genuine and informative at it’s core. Payton does a great job of showcasing his part arrogant part humble personality, as well as his fears, his hopes, his honesty and his thoughts. I came away from that book having a new found appreciation not just for Payton, but for your average NFL coach. The reality is that all 32 men with jobs like his are brilliant. They wouldn’t have gotten that far if they weren’t. But, when 32 brilliant men go up against each other, and outside factors like team talent and injuries can effect their performance, some have to fail. That’s just the law of averages. But most of all they are all human, and they all have a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed immediately in jobs that are not easy. I’ve always said that what makes Sean P..

Drew Brees’ Memoir Makes Best-Seller List

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Fresh off the 18th annual ESPYs, where New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees won four awards, including Best Male Athlete, it was announced that the football stud’s new book will debut at No..

Meachem Due to Have a Breakout Season for Saints

In the Sporting News’ camp countdown for the Saints, the one player they targeted for a big season is wide out Robert Meachem, who came on in the teams Super Bowl season a year ago:
He has been an annual breakout candidate since the Saints drafted him in the first round in 2007, but last season he finally showed how dynamic he can be. He caught 45 passes for 722 yards and nine scores. If, after offseason toe surgery, he returns to full speed during training camp, he should be able to pi..

NFL Predictions for 2010 Season: Breakouts and Busts

What is better than a guy no one has ever heard of before putting up unimaginable numbers, or when a cocky thought-to-be top player busts?

With my guide to 10 breakout and bust players for the upcoming season, I will not only be telling you exactly ..

Goodell to tour NFL training camps (AP)

Commissioner Roger Goodell will visit seven NFL training camps during the first week of August. Goodell plans to visit the Browns on Aug. 5, before the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Aug 7. Cleveland opens its camp on July 31. NFL spok..

Leinart ‘Proud’ Of Reggie Bush

This week Matt Leinart was kind enough to bless us with his thoughts on his former USC football program getting bushwhacked with the worst NCAA football violations since the SMU Mustangs had their program terminated.

“It’s tough but no one can take away what we did on the football field there in those years. So whether they take the wins away or whatever it doesn’t affect us.
He is, however, disappointed at the sight of Heritage Hall’s lobby, which no longer displays the 2005 BCS national championship trophy. He said he and his teammates still have their championship rings to remind them of the title.
“I’ve talked to a lot of people I played with on those teams and we all say the same thing. Everyone who knows football knows we won those games and we won the title.”

They have a place where it’s all about football: It’s called the NFL. (more…)
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