Redskins trade for Jamaal Browns

It has been reported that the Redskins will trade a conditional draft pick for offensive tackle Jamaal Brown of the New Orleans Saints. He is slated to play right tackle. 2010 draft pick Trent Williams is to be the starting left tackle

Saints Trade T Jammal Brown To Redskins For A Conditional Draft Pick

The New Orleans Saints agreed to trade tackle Jammal Brown to the Washington Redskins, NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi confirms via a league source. The Times-Picayune was the first to report the story Saturday. The Saints will receive a conditional draft pick pending a physical by Brown, according to Lombardi. Brown, who is entering his sixth ..

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Super Bowl rings impress Saints players

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Why the New Orleans Saints Will Be Contending in 2010

Coming off last year’s Super Bowl title, the New Orleans Saints should be the early favorites to win this year.

After all, they return every key contributor from last season, and the few holes they had they were able to cover in this deep draft.

Normally, I wait until August to make my season predictions, but I’ll make an exception with the New Orleans Saints.

I’ll let you know right now: not only will the Saints make the playoffs, but will be a contender in the NFC to make the Super Bowl in Dallas.

Hold the phone! I have been seeing all across the blogging world of the Saints not getting respect.

I see people either predict no playoffs, or that they will not win the division, which the Falcons will take over.

There are just a few problems I have with that claim.

First off, many fear the Madden Curse. Sure, if you want to use that as an excuse, fine.

But up to this point, we have no idea if an injury will happen.

We can make a case that Brees may avoid the injury bug this year, due to his entire offensive line returning.

The group is very underrated, but they are so good in giving Drew Brees enough time to find his receivers down the field.

Speaking of receivers, Marques Colston and Devery Henderson look to earn more respect near the elite group of receivers.

The Saints also have two running backs looking to prove quite a bit to management, and the NFL in general.

Pierre Thomas feels he should be paid like a starting back, and should have a solid year for New Orleans.

Reggie Bush wants to make it clear he is not an NFL bust, and looks to be as explosive as he was in the playoffs.

On the defensive side, the biggest key is the secondary. Darren Sharper does return, but does come off knee surgery.

The cornerbacks played past expectations. They did add a good first round talent in Patrick Robinson, but can they live up to the hype the fans and the organization will hold to them this season?

For now, that is my only concern. Last season, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams created a defense that feasted on turnovers, which made up for a team that gave up a lot of yards from opposing offenses.

If the Saints can’t put the pressure on the quarterback, and create as many turnovers as last season, then there may be a problem.

From a schedule standpoint, I don’t know why everyone is picking on the Saints. According to, New Orleans has the 27th-ranked schedule in football.

I had to find the Saints schedule to see who can they possibly lose to that won’t make them a playoff team in 2010, while also seeing the easiest teams they play.

Hardest teams on schedule: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons (twice).

Easiest teams on schedule: Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (twice), St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers (twice).

So, after looking at the schedule, I see the maximum of six losses for this team.

The home games for the Saints will be very tough for the opposing team. From the hard part of the schedule, I only see them losing as many as four games.

No, they won’t go undefeated through all of those teams, but a lot of these teams are vulnerable against the pass defense, which spells trouble when facing the Saints.

For the easiest part of the schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them sweep the entire board.

The team that will give most trouble is the Carolina Panthers, who have declined a bit.

Speaking of the division, the NFC South won’t be like last few years. The division is at best a two team race between the Saints and the Falcons.

I will admit, Atlanta had the most underrated offseason in the NFL. They upgraded the secondary and the pass rush through the draft and free agency.

Though, let’s see these players get put into action. In Houston, Dunta Robinson was avoided most of the time against other quarterbacks.

Yes, he is the No. 1 corner on the depth chart, but the other group is questionable as well.

And I wouldn’t bet the Saints would avoid Dunta. In fact, I’m sure they would go right at him early in their two matches.

We also can’t forget the Falcons schedule isn’t a cake walk either, having to play the entire AFC North, the Green Bay Packers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

I see the Falcons within the 10-6, or 9-7 range.

The rest of the division does not scare me. John Fox will see his last year in Carolina. They lost Julius Peppers, who made the defense play at its best when putting the pressure on the quarterback.

Matt Moore had a nice run last year as starter, but who is to say he can keep that up for an entire season? Also, Steve Smith is nowhere near what he used to be in his prime.

And the Bucs are just the Bucs, a team that will have a top-five pick in next year’s draft.

There is no doubt the Saints will be challenged as world champs. In my opinion, they are ready for a challenge.

The team is determined to repeat as champions, and with the entire team returning (literally), I can’t see what will stop them.

A tough schedule only makes the team stronger as a whole, having to face many closer games this season, and having to play well on both sides of the ball.

For fans that are on the fence about the Saints, there is no reason to be.

The defending champs will return to the post season, looking to prove the doubters out there that New Orleans is not a one year wonder anymore.


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