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Drew Minute Warning – (All Saints Considered)



   So as we wait with baited breath for the 2018 NFL season to start, I think about how lucky we have been to have Drew Brees lead our favorite team. A squad with this kind of commander will not allow last years “miracle” loss to linger into this season. The 1996 Denver Broncos were 13-3 and a favorite to win the Super Bowl before a disappointing loss at home to the Jaguars in the divisional playoff. John Elway said it was the most embarrassing loss of his career, none the less they rallied to win the next two Lombardi trophies and Elway rode off into the sunset. If their number 7 can do it, the Saints and number 9 can also.
   Bolstered by a talented roster, great coaching and excellent management there are no excuses not to be playing in February of 2019. The teams’ blend of youth and veterans seem the perfect cocktail of experience and exuberance. The Saints at this point are not filling starting positions as much as building team depth, again the roster is very strong. This seasons schedule, a first place one, is extremely difficult full of great teams. Dallas, LA Rams, Pittsburgh, Vikings and the defending champ Eaglesare just a few opponents.
   The Saints have a legitimate chance to be the last team standing, but Drew’s playing time is limited and must be taken full advantage of. This team only has one achilles heel, we all know it but I will not mention it what with the jinx possibility. Drew Brees is the most prolific thrower in Saints history and maybe, if he plays long enough, in NFL history. My contention has always been that Brees on the Patriots would have been the same, or even more successful, as Tom Brady’s run with the hooded one. The Saints can’t match this amazing Patriot run but a Super Bowl match up this next season would be a nice consolation prize. The quarterback mastery we have all witnessed has been special but soon will be gone so appreciate it now. Who Dat?! Obviously Drew Dat!  


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