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Bleacher Report tries to make the case that New Orleans Saints rookie Marcus Davenport is a bust two weeks into the season with clickbait article.The NFL’s 2018 Season is two weeks into the books. Two games have been played by each of the league’s 32 teams. That’s a little early to start making any kind of claim at all about anything unless you’re Bleacher Report and you’re looking to get some easy page views. That’s when you get pieces like a recent gem attempting to label Saints rookie defensive end Marcus Davenport a bust.You can’t blame a writer or a publication for trying to gin up a story to get pageviews. But trying to make any sort of grand claim about anything two games into a season is a weak attempt at coverage of a sport. I should know after the things I was saying when the Saints got off to an 0-2 start last year with stories about the Saints’ house being on fire and Sean Payton needing to be fired. Mea culpa.The article talks about Davenport’s lack of sacks and about him only having four tackles through his two games of NFL experience. It also brings back the math challenged trope of the Saints having spent two first round draft picks to move up for Davenport in the 2018 NFL Draft. Not sure why that one won’t go away.So let’s take a look at the theory that Davenport is a bust by comparing him to last year’s number one overall pick, defensive end Myles Garrett. That’s a pretty apples to apples comparison. Garrett and the term bust have not been used in the same sentence since he came into the league. At least not by anyone who knows football.In 2017, he didn’t hit the field until Week 5 due to injury. Through his first two games he had four tackles. He did also record three sacks but there are circumstances at play that need to be taken into account.Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen hasn’t dialed up much in the way of blitz packages for Davenport to date and, additionally, Davenport hasn’t been on the field half the time due to his being in rotation with Alex Okafor. When he has been on the field, in limited action, we’ve seen flashes of Davenport’s ability.The two are under the influence of coordinators with different methods though. The Browns have Gregg Williams who is famous for his aggressive blitz calls. Dennis Allen is a little more methodical and relies on many more four down-linemen sets.Marcus Davenport’s time will come. The fact is that he’s being eased into a role with the Saints and Myles Garrett was thrown into the fire immediately in Cleveland. The case being made to label Davenport a bust is one in which a reporter has simply looked at a stat sheet and made a knee-jerk assessment without watching any film.Then there’s the seriously tired trope of what the Saints paid to get Davenport in the first place. It’s one we’ve discussed ad nauseum here. The math challenged out there keep saying that the Saints gave up two first round picks for Davenport.What actually happened was the Saints gave up next year’s first round pick to move up in the first round this year. They didn’t lose a first round pick this year. They still had one. I don’t know how to make that any more clear.When you say a team has given up two first round picks, it would be a case like what the Bears gave for Khalil Mack. A first rounder in 2019 and another in 2020. That is giving up two first rounders. If you still have a first rounder at the end of the day, as the Saints did this year, then you haven’t given up two. Get it?Granted, the highest level of math I took in college was called math for non-math majors. Also known as Mickey Mouse math. But you don’t have to be Neil deGrasse Tyson to wrap your head around the Davenport deal.The attempt to keep the trope of the Saints overpaying for Davenport alive are a mystery to me. It’s a false narrative being used to manipulate public perspective at worst and at best just shoddy reporting. The false narrative is that he hapless Saints, you know, the ones from the 70s I guess, just can’t get it right. They’re too desperate to win now with Drew Brees about to retire. It’s honestly like the Saints never won a Super Bowl and Sean Payton isn’t one of the best coaches in the NFL. Next: Saints, Falcons Week 3 preview: Welcome to Hate Week! The Saints knew what they were doing when they made the move for Davenport and it will pay off. He’s an exceptionally gifted athlete and will grow into his role quickly. But I guess it’s the kind of thing we’ve learned to live with as Saints fans dealing with the national media. And I’ll call it out whenever I see it. 


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