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Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan says the NFL’s recent “re-emphasis” of its roughing-the-passer the rule has been more invasive to defenders than the league officials said it would, according to a SB Nation report. The rule change, which was billed as a “point of emphasis” instead of a major revision, prohibits tacklers from putting their full body weight on the quarterback, the report said. So far this season, roughing the passer penalties have risen by 72 percent, including offsetting penalties.Jordan, along with nine other defensive lineman and linebackers interviewed for the report, said this has not only changed the way they play their positions, but it’s also compromising their health and salary. He said he believes this year’s change will become known as the “Aaron Rodgers rule,” since Rodgers broke his collarbone after a hit from Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr last season. “Why is it that we’re being penalized for something that we’re supposed to be doing?” Jordan asks in the report. “Hit the quarterback, but don’t. Sack the quarterback and help your team out, but before he lands, put a pillow underneath his head, read him a bed time story — all after asking if you can invade his personal space.”Jordan says the re-emphasis has been a “major rule change” for the game, citing that this season has “had the highest-scoring games the NFL’s ever seen.”He points to an incident in Week 2 when Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels had Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins wrapped up but let him go before tackling him because he thought Cousins had thrown the ball.Jordan should the play should have resulted in a sack for the Packers but didn’t because Daniels “got it in his head that he has to let a quarterback go.” “You don’t work that hard to let somebody go,” Jordan added.He also brought up Miami Dolphins defensive end Williams Hayes’ ACL tear in Week 3 where he caught his foot in the ground after sacking Derek Carr while trying not to put his full weight on him.”The league just looks at it like, ‘Oh, it’s a casualty of the game,'” he said of Hayes’ injury. “But it didn’t have to be. It should have been a regular sack. He would have landed on the quarterback, gotten up and the quarterback would have been OK or not.”Saints coach Sean Payton, who serves on the NFL’s competition committee, has also spoken out on the league’s emphasis on rouging the passer, acknowledging that some of the calls have failed to understand the point of emphasis. 

                            The NFL finds itself under fire early in the regular season for its emphasis on roughing the passer, which has produced 34 flags through the f…

    "The point of emphasis in the offseason was very simple, and that was avoiding the player 'intentionally' placing all the weight on the quarterback," Payton said, emphasizing "intentionally." "Have we seen some that have been flagged that should not have been? Absolutely."David Onyemata feel victim to questionable calls in the Saints' Week 1 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, getting flagged for two roughing-the-passer penalties that totaled more than what he's paid per game. Onyemata later appealed both fines. 

                            Saints defensive tackle David Onyemata was fined $40,108 for two roughing-the-passer penalties committed against Tampa Bay.  

                            David Onyemata was fined $40,108 for two roughing-the-passer penalties in the season opener against Tampa Bay, a couple thousand more than his…

    You can read more from Jordan and the other players interviewed in the report here. 

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