Crescent City Connection Podcast: Saints Ballin’ In Nawlins! Bills/Saints Recap & Skins/Saints Preview Saints News

Crescent City Connection Podcast Krewe – Barry
Hirstius, Bob Rose, Remy Jones, Brendan Boylan,Charita “Diva”
Batiste and Host, Kyle T. Mosley, talk New Orleans Saints
Football!!! BALLIN’ IN NAWLINS!!! Join the Crescent City Connection
Krewe tonight at 8 PM CST to talk about the boys in Black &
Gold, Too Early for Playoffs?, Who must stay Healthy?, The Masters
of the Trenches?, Will Sean Payton embrace life on the ground?,
Bills Game Recap, Skins Game Preview and more…. Geaux to to listen live!!! Go to to read the latest Barry Hirstius
articles on the New Orleans Saints and NFL. #Saints #SaintsPodcasts

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